Hi I'm Richard Kenneth Styner, and I design e-learning experiences!

Richard Styner's Bio:

Richard Styner is a great believer in education as a life-long pursuit. After graduating from Southeast Highschool in Lincoln Nebraska, Richard Styner received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Wesleyan University, a Master of Arts in Teaching at Brown University, and most recently a Master of Science in Educational Technology at California State University at Fresno. Richard Kenneth Styner has held many positions in his life. He have been a handyman, a director of marketing, a web page designer, a computer technician, an AV technician,a marine biologist, a molecular environmental toxicologist, and even professional bingo caller. When he became an educator, Richard knew he had found his calling. He was a teacher for 10+ years, first in Integrated Science, then in A.P. Computer Science. Richard Styner started a program in computer science because He believed it was the best way to serve the students at the highly diverse school he taught at. From my training with educational philosopher Ted Sizer, he has been a great believe in personalized scaffolded discovery-based education. He borrowed heavily from the educational philosophies of stuct luminaries as bell hooks, Vygotsky, and Gardner. When Richard styner received my training in Educational Technology, he was impressed by how smoothly the new advances in online, or e-learning meshedn with my training at Brown. What once was only possible through intensive work, especially in presenting individualized discovery-based material, could now be streamlined to give a intrinsically-motivated high-interest rewarding experience to my students. We are on the cusp of a new universe of possibilities in true education that can produce student who have the tools needed for satisfying careers in the 21st century.

Richard Styner's Experience:

  • STEM Teacher at SLHS

    I began at SLHS after getting my MAT from Brown University because of its exceptional, award winning integrated science program. After teaching there three years, I never acutely aware of its deficiency in computer education. After playing a key role in writing the one of the state's first Digital High School grants, I started a computer science class that quickly became a complete course of study cumulating in AP Computer Science course. Over 10 years, the AP pasrate went from 15% receiving college credit to 63%, above state average.

Richard Styner's Education:

  • California State University - Fullerton

    Concentration: Educational Technology
  • Brown University

    Master of Art - Teaching
    Concentration: Biological Science
  • Nebraska Wesleyan University

    Concentration: Biology, Minor Psychology
    Activities: Theta Chi Fraternity

Richard Styner's Interests & Activities:

Education, Politics, Running, French, German, Hiking, Poetry, DIY Projects, RPG, Philosophy,Life-long Learning